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Dr. Chilek stepping down due to health issues.  Dr. McWilliams will lead Stone Creek, expanding and improving patient care as always.

Dear Patients, Friends, and Family,

Hope is a strong word. While I do know we can play a role in the outcome when we use the word hope, sometimes we can’t. For me, it is very difficult to realize that this is one of those times I can’t. I have hoped to beat this disease and be able to continue my practice and the relationships we have. I think you all know I have tried to modify it, or make it all work somehow, over the past few years, but unfortunately, my body just won’t let that happen. I have to let someone else take care of you now.

The official word will come out soon, but I wanted you to know from me, first, as rumors fly in this small, yet large town. It has been a true privilege to be your doctor and to call you all friends. I wish I could be there for you still. My phone and email will always be the same if you need a shoulder to cry on or a wall to hit. I truly appreciate your friendship, loyalty, and your incredible amount of support for me through my trying times. I plan on focusing all of my efforts on my family, and at this disease, so that one day hopefully this letter can be reversed.

Thank you, from me, Keith, Kaylie, Lacy, and Grace, from the bottom of our hearts, for everything you have given us over the past thirteen years. I have cherished the relationships built and hope I have helped you all in the past years as much as you have helped me. And thank you, Rollin Lacy and Sharon Lacy for the opportunity to build a first class facility so many years ago. The girls have their palms in the cement forever, and it will always be in our hearts.

Your Doctor,

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