First and foremost, please contact us when you need a refill.  We do not accept refill requests from any pharmacy “on your behalf”.  We stopped doing so in 2010 due to numerous medication duplications and errors and implementing this policy greatly cut down on those problems.We respectfully ask that you give us 24-48 business hours to process your refill request.  We strive to exceed your expectations regarding this time frame but sometimes call volume or unforseen staffing issues cause us to need the “48 hrs” to get the refills done. It is your responsibility to notify us before you are completely out of, or are down to your last one or two pills, to request your refill.  This is another area where it is advantageous to use the web portal.

We TRY to always give enough medication and refills to get you through to the next follow up appointment.  Therefore, it is best to schedule those visits in advance to prevent running out of medications. Should you forget to schedule your appointment in advance or have to reschedule your necessary in-office follow up visit we will do our best (within medically acceptible standards of care) to keep you from running out of medication until you can get in for your follow up visit.Certain medications require more frequent follow up visits.  Namely, any controlled substances which include, for example, narcotic pain medications, stimulant ADHD medications, sedative hypnotic sleep medications and benzodiazepine anxiety medications.  Anyone receiving any of these medications on a recurrent bases (ie, more than a one-time prescription) will be asked to follow up AT LEAST once every 6 months. In some instances more frequent follow up will be required for persons determined to be at higher risk or for whom we have to make dosage adjustments to get the treatment optimized (risk vs. benefit).