You may come in for bloodwork any day of the week, Monday through Friday!  We “open the doors” at 8:30am.

Previously, we have said anyone can come in without an appointment. Unfortunately, it seems as though everyone decides to come in the same day! We have had some mornings with long waits. In order to prevent this, we are now asking that you call ahead or shoot us a portal message of when you are coming in so we can better prepare. We may give you an alternate time if you want to have a shorter wait. If you fast one morning and forget to let us know you are coming, please do still come in. We do not want to turn anyone away. You also have the option of doing fasting bloodwork in Conroe at the CPL or Quest blood-draw stations. Just let us know you want to go there and we will put your lab order in.

Fasting bloodwork: Do not eat anything with calories after midnight. You can have water, diet soda, black coffee and take your medicines, but anything with calories will affect the blood sugar and cholesterol readings. If you can’t make it here in the mornings, you should fast for 8 hours before the blood draw. So, have breakfast, but then no calories until a late afternoon blood draw. We don’t recommend doing this, but we realize due to work schedules it is sometimes impossible to come in early.