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Coronavirus COVID-19 Message

Stone Creek Family Medicine Dear Patients, I want you to stay healthy and, together, we will persevere through this Coronavirus pandemic (world-wide spread of a disease). Many of you have questions about the Coronavirus or (COVID-19) so we are posting this guide to help navigate this situation. COVID-19 is the name of the disease. The [...]

Coronavirus COVID-19 Message2020-03-25T16:58:11-05:00


First and foremost, please contact us when you need a refill.  We do not accept refill requests from any pharmacy "on your behalf".  We stopped doing so in 2010 due to numerous medication duplications and errors and implementing this policy greatly cut down on those problems.We respectfully ask that you give us 24-48 business hours [...]


Dr. McWilliams Annual Fee

Annual Fee Several years ago, Stone Creek Family Medicine implemented an annual fee to cover services not covered by insurance companies or our routine office visit fees.  The Annual Fee is due at the beginning of the calendar year and is paid once per year. This is a non-refundable fee. The cost is: $75.00 per [...]

Dr. McWilliams Annual Fee2020-02-03T15:36:25-06:00

Preventive Care Visits & Healthcare Reform

It goes by many names: “checkup”, “well visit”, “annual visit”, “preventive visit”, but all refer to the once-a-year appointment that is dedicated to surveying your health and wellness. At this office visit we order age and health-appropriate screening tests, and plan follow-up visits for any specific problems that may be found or reported. In my [...]

Preventive Care Visits & Healthcare Reform2016-08-21T17:05:59-05:00

Controlled Substance Rxs

Controlled substances are drugs that are highly monitored and restricted on a state and/or federal level. These restrictions, this monitoring, is for patients' protection. The drugs that fall under this heading can be habit-forming, addictive, can result in overdose deaths or are sold/traded on the street or abused like illicit illegal drugs. (An explanation of [...]

Controlled Substance Rxs2020-02-03T15:36:26-06:00

General Flu Information

Do I Have the Flu? Acute Respiratory Illness Advice Adapted from American Family Physician 5/09 & CDC Web Site ABOUT THE FLU Most people who have become sick with H1N1 virus have recovered at home without medication. Unless a patient is severely ill with influenza or suffering an exacerbation of a chronic illness, home care [...]

General Flu Information2020-02-03T15:36:26-06:00

Blood Draws

You may come in for bloodwork any day of the week, Monday through Friday!  We “open the doors” at 8:30am. Previously, we have said anyone can come in without an appointment. Unfortunately, it seems as though everyone decides to come in the same day! We have had some mornings with long waits. In order to [...]

Blood Draws2020-01-23T10:03:53-06:00

Checking Your Lab Results

At first glance you will see the initial result-which is simply the doctor’s shorthand version of your results. Simply click onto/into the lab name and it will pop open with more detailed results and a message from your doctor about the particular test. We often give instructions here, so please check each lab, even if [...]

Checking Your Lab Results2021-01-16T21:20:31-06:00
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