This is for all patients who do or will receive prescriptions (Rx) for any medication containing hydrocodone (Norco, Vicodin, Lorcet, hydrocodone-APAP, Tussionex Cough Syrup, etc.). As of October 6, 2014, all hydrocodone combination medications will be Schedule 2 controlled substances (CII).

This means that these prescriptions will require the same special green CII Rx that morphine, oxycodone, Percocet, Adderall, Vyvanse, Ritalin, etc., have required in the past. Therefore, all comments hereafter apply to all of these Rx’s:

  • These Rx’s cannot be mailed or faxed to the pharmacy. You will have to pick up the Rx from our office and deliver it to the pharmacy.
  • We will no longer be able to call in these medications.
  • No after hours or weekend Rx refills.
  • No refills can be written on these Rxs…Rx has to be picked up every month.
  • If you fail to turn in the Rx to your pharmacy within 21 days of the date written on the Rx, it will expire/pharmacy will refuse to fill it.

Stone Creek Family Medicine Policies on CII Prescriptions (While these may have been loosely enforced in the past, stricter regulations will necessitate stricter adherence to these policies):

  • Routine follow up office visits with the doctor or nurse practitioner will be required every 3 months. Dosage changes or problems with medication will require more frequent follow up visits.
  • We require 24-48 hours (1-2 business days) to fulfill your refill request. If refills are requested on a Friday, we do not guarantee you will have it by the weekend. So, please anticipate running out of medication and request refills accordingly. This has always been our policy, but we have always strived to exceed your expectations in this area of service and have succeeded in getting refills ready on the same day most of the time. That may prove progressively more difficult with the increasing volume of CII Rx’s that we will be processing on a daily basis. Please take special note of this policy and be patient with our staff.
  • Patients will be asked to sign a Controlled Substance Contract with the doctor/clinic in order to receive these medications (a copy of this contract will be placed on our website soon)
  • Prescriptions will be written for a 30, 60, or 90 day supply, depending on patient preference or insurance cost restrictions/benefits.
  • Early refills will not be given for any reason. This is not up for debate or discussion.
  • If you lose your CII Rx before filling it, there will be a $10 charge for rewriting it.
  • If you lose your pills or they are stolen, an early refill cannot and will not be written. It is the patient’s responsibility to take care of their controlled substance medication. Not up for debate or discussion.
  • Dosage changes/adjustments require an office visit. These requests will not be done by phone or portal message.

We will do our best to make this transition as easy as possible. We ask that you be patient with us as we all adjust to the new regulations, and be patient with your pharmacy staff as well; there may be drug shortages at many pharmacies as they bear the bulk of the burden during this transition.

All of these rules and regulations are put into place to protect the honest people in our communities. Stone Creek Family Medicine is happy to adjust to the increased work load that these regulations create as it means stemming the flow of narcotic Rx drugs onto our streets. Accidental overdose deaths from prescription narcotic drugs outnumber overdose deaths from illicit street drugs by a staggering margin, and hydrocodone products account for a significant share of those deaths. This is a good thing for our state as a whole, so please try to keep that in mind as we make this transition.


Dr. McWilliams and the SCFM Staff